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COJAC Screening Tool


The Co-Occurring Joint Action Council (COJAC) determined that there is a significant need for a short and simple tool to screen individuals for co-occurring disorders (COD). The Screening Subcommittee undertook the effort of compiling a COJAC Screening tool (CST). The members of the subcommittee did a significant amount of research to locate appropriate questions for the tool and then spent several months reducing the number of questions to nine. There are three questions for addiction, three questions for mental health issues and three questions for trauma.

The CST is currently undergoing a two-year validation study. While the study is being done, recognizing the need for a COD screening tool, the COJAC has decided to release the CST for downloading. The CST is being released to the public under the following conditions:

  • All nine questions are asked of each client.
  • The name “Co-Occurring Joint Action Screening Tool” remains on each copy of the CST.
  • Individuals scoring an affirmative answer to two or more of the questions receive further assessment for COD.


The CST is in the process of being validated.