Welcome to the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs


The Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs Strategic Plan Update process was a collaborative effort involving ADP; County Alcohol and Drug Administrators Association of California (CADPAAC); Health and Human Services Agency and other state government departments; other external stakeholders, including AOD providers, law enforcement, criminal justice, and corrections; and The Results Group.  The following individuals made contributions to the 2006-2008 Strategic Plan.

Executive Steering Committee

Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs:
Kathryn P. Jett, Director

Thomas Powers, Laurence J. Carr, Ph.D., Tony Cervantes, Michael Cunningham, Carmen Delgado, Lisa Fisher, Sherri Gauger, Millicent Gomes, Steve Hedrick, Les Johnson, Rebecca Lira, Susan Lussier, David Monti, Susan Rushing, Morgan Staines, Jackie Tinetti, and Oscar Villegas.

The Results Group Consultants: Matt Stevens and Sara Tickler

Additional Strategic Plan Workgroup Members

Tiffany Alvidrez, Linda Bradley, Paul Brower, Dianna Cervantes, Craig Chaffee, Virginia Clark, Keith Coppage, Margaret Cossey, Sharon Dais, Judy Dancy, Cynthia Guest, Joan Hirose, Alice Huffaker, Joy Jarfors, Cynthia Jaynes, Madeline Journey-Lynn, Marjorie McKisson, Sheena Nash, Loretta Palaca, Norma Pate, Cathy Phoenix, Rebecca Sandoval, Elizabeth Sheldon, Mary Skorka, Barbara Weiss, Jane Williams, Gloria Woodlock, Penny Tafoya, Brandon Manzano, and Kevin Juan.

Strategic Plan Editors

Wendy Alexander, Principal, Wendy Alexander Writing and Editing Services
Denzil Verardo, Ph.D., Chief Deputy Director, Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs